Jalani Chameli Oil or Jesmin Oil


Jalani Chameli Oil

Jalani Pooja Chameli ka Tel or Jesmin Oil is a personified version of light and brightness. Focusing on the spiritual significance of lighting a lamp and cost effectivity, The flames of a lamp continually burn upwards and similarly be supposed to attain such knowledge to take us towards higher values. It's a custom to light a lamp initially before starting any auspicious events or ceremonies. Jasmine Oil is used for various aspects of Worship which has created a huge demand overall for Jasmine flower cultivation. Jasmine is also called Mallika or Malligai in various Indian languages and the flower is used for the worship of Vishnu and Lord Shiva among Hindu Gods. They say there is a suggestive Statue in one of the Indian Museums where Kamadaeva the Hindu God of love is shown with an Arrow having five flowers and one of these is the Jasmine

Product Name Inner Packing Master Packing
Chameli Oil - 30ml 12 Bottel = 1 Box 102 Box in a Carton